Eddieleo Lake

September 15, 1973

During the course of our trip we met two U.S. Forest employees who told us the Edieleo Lakes (upper and lower ) were named after the two first names of two old trappers who formerly visited the area frequently. We chose the middle of Sept. for this trip to avoid the hoards of mosquitoes usually present in the Waldo Lake area, so we had none. We did see many swamps and pot-holes along the trail to know that here were many at Waldo Lake during most of the season. The trail was very easy, being mostly level, the members of the party were very interesting, so the miles went by very quickly. Fall is an excellent time to schedule a trip in this area. Members of the trip were: Gloria Hanon, Dorothy Hayes, Beth Flynn, Parker Riddle, Tess Smith, Ted Stern, Eunice Vanderpool, Paula Vehrs and the leaders, John & Lenore McManigal.

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