Jeff Park

September 8-9, 1973

Sat. we left Eugene at 8:15 and arrived at Blue River for rolls and coffee. Dave’s truck speedometer broke, so it was sort of interesting driving. Arrived at the trailhead and met Glenn and his daughter Cindy. Other Obsidians were there too. Frank and Wilma Moore were there with son and daughter-in-law and they were on the way to Jeff Park. Frank thought that Dave was leading a trip to Hunt’s Cove. That’s what it said on the schedule. Dave informed Frank he was reading the 1972 schedule!! 11:50 we departed on our trip.

We took a leisurely hike in, observing the many views of Mt. Jeff. At one of our stops we were lucky enough to see a Pika, or Conny. Arrived at the Park at 4:30 p.m. Most of us slept, above Scout Lake. (Sure better than under it. Ed.) After dinner, everyone walked around the lakes. Mike found a paper wasp’s nest, which was very interesting. After talking, singing and snacking around a candle fire, all retired to bed at 9 p.m. Temp. 58.

Sun. 7:35 up. Temp. 52. Dave had hash browns, scrambled eggs, and sausages which he shared with willing eaters. Some of the hikers hiked around the lake some more, while Dave, Mike, Mary and Dorothy Leland rapelled and belayed on some rock near Bays Lake. Lunch at noon and we departed at 1 p.m. Arrived at the cars at 4, stopped at Blue River for dinner at 5:45. Arrived home at 8. A beautiful weekend with beautiful weather. Sleeping above the lake were: Mary Bridgeman, Glen & Cindy Meares, Gloria Hanan, Dorothy Leland, Rebecca Field and Tom Lockhart, Dorothy Turner, Mike & Dave Zevenbergen, Dave the leader.

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