Collier Glacier

September 1-3, 1973

Nine were on this years trip, six leaving by Huckleberry Lake, while three left the McKenzie Summit by the Sky Line Trail.

All arrived at Minnie Scott Springs by supper time.

A cold wind sprung up early, so it was cold setting up the tents and as no fire was permitted, the little metal stoves took time.

Sunday broke clear, with no wind, so soon after breakfast Ray Sims left with Mark Ashworth and Ray Wilson for the Terminal Moraine. Chuck Berkey also arrived and the four proceeded down the 500 foot slope to the glacier floor. Soon Walt Youngquist, Al & Sue Henderson, Lois Schreiner and Mary Bridgeman arrived on the glacier floor. Chuck took Mark & Ray W. up to the crevasses that are still left in the remaining half mile on their return, climbing Little Brother, while the remaining six continued about the floor eating lunch and viewing the new mud lake.

All returned to the base camp at Minnie Scott, where, without wind, a real meal was cooked.

Monday broke bright and clear and all continued out the Sky Line Trail to the McKenzie Summit, having a brand new trail from South Matthieu Lake, going high above the large Matthieu Lake to the summit of the old McKenzie Pass. All returned to Eugene by 6 p.m. Monday. On trip: Chuck Berkey, Mary Bridgeman, Lois Schreiner, Walter Youngquist, Alfred & Sue Henderson Mark Ashworth, Ray Wilson and Ray Sims. I took my first picture of Collier in 1920, now 53 years later I’ve taken my last as this will be my last trip in.

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