Sunshine Meadows

September 1-3, 1973

This hike was designed with small kids in mind. We left Springfield at 11:20 on Sat. and arrived at Frog Camp at 1:10. My wife had a cold coming on and our little girl had eye infection, so we took our time. It was a first experience for me taking my whole family backpacking. We had quite a problem in packing packs! We arrived at White Branch about 6 p.m. and decided to camp there. The stream was small because of the rain shortage. Went to bed at 9. Temp 52. Sunday up at 9 and the temp was 38, with frost on the ground. After breakfast we all hiked up to Sunshine Meadows. The boys and I hiked on to some Obsidian hills across from Scott Camp. We looked for arrowheads and Indian objects. Didn’t find any, but found some good obsidian. After a snack we went back to White Branch. We searched the hills around the creek and found many boulders of snowflake obsidian, obsidian with bands and conglomerate obsidian. A special treat that night was popcorn! Mon. up at 8 and on our way by 11. Had lunch at the Spring Lake sign and we were at the car by 2:10. Temp. 86. My little girl walked 3½ miles out. We had a good time.

We saw many kinds of animals. We had birds diving at our tents and a chipmunk that chewed his way into my tent. Total miles walked . . . Mike, Mark and Dave did 11½ miles, Linda did 10 miles and 3 year Cheryl did 7 miles. Those on the hike were Cheryl Zevenbergen, age 6 and Mike Zevenbergen, age 8. The leader was Dave Zevenbergen, age ?.

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