Millican Crater

August 12, 1973

I scouted this trip a week earlier and had decided I must have rocks in my head for even suggesting to lead the trip. I had hoped not too many people would sign up but instead we had a nice group of 14 including the stupid leader. We left the Park Block shortly after 8 a.m. Millican Crater is located on top of the McKenzie Pass (scenic route). The first two miles are on a good trail, but the next mile really brought the mountain goat out in you.

Thanks to Don Payne and his friendly compass we left the trail and started beating the bush. The last ½ mile is very steep and covered by very loose scree. The weather was perfect for hiking, warm but not hot. The sky was blue and we had some newcomers with enough spirit for all of us. This was a hard hike for beginners. There is no crater in the top of Millican Crater, but there is evidence that there was at one time an active crater. Several members found that evidence in the form of lava bombs. We enjoyed our lunch on top before our return trip by bush, trail and car to Eugene. Following the leader were: Mary Bridgeman, Bob Capron, John & Margaret & Peter & Paul Cecil, Wilbur & Elain Groner, Dorothy Hayes, Don Payne, Dorothy Turner, Greg Wannier, Lori Wright, and leader Mike Wright, Mike two Wrights make a wrong right. Right?

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