Obsidian Loop

August 4, 1973

Our nice size party of nine left Frog Camp at 8:30 a.m. in cool weather with a first stop at the lava. The flowers along the way were past the peak as we normally find along the trail. No snow, however we found lots of water in White Branch & in Obsidian Creek. More than normal. There were no other people along the trail and we saw no one until we got to Camp Beverly. There were a few at Obsidian Camp, but we found very few even at Sunshine Shelter location, as they were apparently all climbing (saw a party on Middle Sister). However, a large party from Oregon State University passed us on the way out and several parties going in as we left. The leaders were the only ones who had been in the area before, so it was an interesting experience for most of the party. Ruth Maguire had just come from New York City and was mush taken with our big mountains. She plans to stay and see more. We recommend Sat., not Sun. for this hike in future. And along with Kenneth Lodewick, leader, were: Dace Cohen, Joseph Hessler, Robin Lodewick, Ruth T. Maguire, Fred Mallery, Allen Newstadter, Theodore Stern and Merle Traudt.

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