Canyon Creek Meadow

August 4, 1973

Three cars full of 13 people left Eugene at 8:15 with Corvallister Glenn Mears and daughter Cindy meeting us at Jack Lake. Weather was cloudy and windy.

All made it to destination for lunch, then hiked up the trail to view the upper meadow, two hiked back, as hike up the moraine was too difficult and one waited in the meadow, 12 climbed up the moraine to view the lake, five returned from there directly while seven walked along the edge of the meadow to play in the snow. Joined person waiting in meadow and all hiked out. Left parking lot at 4. Oiled road with one section ungravelled made a mess of leaders car and passengers.

Perry Balcom and Mildred Wilson helped for two hours Monday cleaning it with margarine. Don’t know if other cars suffered same. Meadow looked bad due to low moisture and too many people and horses camping and hiking around on it. Cindy Meares, age 12, was eager to make a qualifying hike and did it with class. Fellow kids Jim Lanier, 13 and Perry Balcom, 10 thinking Cindy a boy, confessed to disgust because “he” couldn’t catch frogs.

On this trip: Bertha & Rolfe Anderson, Perry Balcom, Joy Ballinger, Ann Kemp, Jim Lanier, Cindy and Glenn Meares, Lisa Rein, Margaret Seeley, Clarence & Dorothy Scherer, Donald & Barbara Sidener, Mildred Wilson — Joy Ballinger, leader.

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