Park Meadows

August 4-5, 1973

At 9:30 a.m. nine dauntless Obsidians and friends started up the Park Meadows Trail from its junction with the Three Creek Lake Road. Though a dry year we found the streams that crossed our paths to be flowing with what seemed to be a normal amount of water. Four miles of dusty trail found us at Park Meadows just in time for lunch by the creek’s edge. Within an hour we left our shady spot and began a walk south in to the beautiful lower meadow area of the north side of Broken Top, and along the banks of the East Fork of Park Creek.

The gorgeous wild flower gardens along this pretty stream were many with the pink and Yellow mimulus being most abundant. The numerous humming bird moths were busy taking nectar from the pink mimulus . After many “oohs & ahs” over the beauty of the scene both near and far we returned to our camp site for dinner, camp fire talk and bed.

Next morning after hot cakes, ham and coffee we were soon on our way south on the Green Lakes Trail. At the saddle where we could first see the lakes, we left the trail and hiking eastward we came upon the two small “Dumb Bell Ponds”, so named by Obsidians during a Green Lakes Summer Camp in the early 1950s. Hiking on, we arrived at the top of a rock bluff overlooking Golden Lake and its surrounding meadow. A place was quickly found where our group could clamber down a huge rock slide and we proceeded into the meadow and on to the lake. This lake and its surroundings are comparable in beauty to the Eileen Lake region. These are surely two of the prettiest spots in the wilderness.

On the lake shore with two male companions sat a young lady wearing a pair of matched 38s. They were not concealed and in fact, were not in holsters and were for that matter, being worn above the belt. A Springfield school principal in our group still argues that they were 44s. Could have been. Anyone in that area finding a pair of what looks like blue agates please send them to me as that is the approximate area in which my wife said my eye balls popped out. From Golden Lake we hiked down the West Fork of Park Creek to our camp where we ate lunch and then hit the dusty trail heading back to our cars. After a quick stop in Sisters for shakes we headed homeward.

I asked the school principle what he thought of his first Obsidian trip. His reply: “A big bust.” Suggestions for the good of the Order: all future trip leaders carry a four foot tape for measuring Calibers. On this bust inspecting trip: Wendel & Louise Austin, Dale & Dave & Denise & Kerin Carlson, Sheryl Carmichael, Marianne Sandstrom, Dale Carlson—leader.

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