Santiam Lake

July 29, 1973

“Hike with Bob and beat the heat.” That was Dorothy’s war cry right from the beginning. We were on the trail in good time with an excellent group of hikers. The weather was perfect and the temperature comfortable. A long steady rise brought us to the pumice plain which looked like a moonscape. We slithered through ash down into the Santiam Lake basin, where every thing was green, cool and lovely. Five fishermen tried their luck with no avail. A number of the group broke the shining surface of the lake to go swimming in the mild waters and the rest sat and sun-bathed on the banks.

For two hours we enjoyed ourselves relaxing and playing, Then we picked up our packs, gave a last lingering look at Three Fingered Jack and the tip of Mt. Jefferson, then wound our way back to the cars. Mary Bridgeman, Kay Cox, John & Dorothy Leland, Joyce Robinette, Ted Stern, John Strove, Gloria. Hanan, Dorothy Turner, Jim Palandri, Kevin Chamber, Barbara Durchanek, Karen Seidel, Karen Gernant, Dolores Haddad with Bob Cox leading the above.

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