Sourgrass Mountain

July 29, 1973

Sourgrass was a disappointment. My spectacular mountain top field of beargrass, which has been the high point of this hike in the past, was not blooming. The woods were very dry, as expected, and the profusion of wild flowers was noticeably diminished. The view of the Hills Creek Canyon was obscured with smoke and Diamond Peak’s bare ridges were seen in silhouette. Two weeks before this hike Lori and I had spent a Sunday afternoon nipping out the worst of the obstruction from the “trail” through my terrible thicket. I almost considered trying to find an easier route off this mountain this year but after improving it a little, I think I’ll keep the old one. Most people seem to sincerely enjoy it. This was the third time for Duchess Cox. Thanks to Ken and Robin Lodewick I have two more new flower identifications. This year it was Owls Clover and Fiddleneck. I would like to lead a hike for the Obsidians in 1974, but I think I will find another mountain—until the beargrass comes back to Sourgrass. Along with the leader were Susan Baker, Susan Bangs, John & Paul & Peter Cecil, Duchess Cox, Leone Ellickson, Wes Prouty, Lawrence Hawkins, Dorothy Hayes, Lori Jackson, Julie Lindstrom, Kenneth & Robin Lodewick, Barbara & Donald Sidener, Mildred Wilson and the leader was Robert R. Holmquist.

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