Martin & Summit Lakes

July 14, 1973

A well balanced party with enough special knowledge and interest to make it fun for all hands including the leader.

“Birding”, “Botanizing”, “Amateur Geology”, “Fishing” (caught some too), “Swiming” and picture taking. The lakes and mountains were fabulous. All above bordered on professionalism except the Geology. Charlotte Mills and her tribe camped at Martin lake over Sat. nite — Charlotte, Dana, Perry, Nancy, Susan, Maria, Ric — to come home Sunday evening.

I think the Grand Prize should go to the scientist (the Margarets) and the swimmers, (Nancy & Susan). However anyone that can snare a fish in that clear water is a “pro”, (Ted Stern). Those who may understand all this are: Marg Brittain, Dana & Perry Buck, Dave Cohen, Tim Cook Barbara Durchanek, Ernest Garrett, Susan Graham, Dorothy Hayes, Helen Hughes, Vi Johnson, Catherine Jones, Margaret Markley (Scientist), Charlotte Mills, Joan Neustadter, Parker Riddle, Ric Radcliff, Maria Sanchez, Ted Stern, Nancy Wecker, Margaret Wiese (Scientist), Virginia Wiles all led by Clarence Landes.

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