Blair Lake Meadows to Spring Prairie

July 8, 1973

It was disappointing that the early season had caused the early flowers to bloom and disappear. Acres of large shooting stars and Marsh marigolds in the bog at the head of Blair Lake were gone. Summer flowers like piperia had replaced them. Mule mountain, covered with bear grass hadn’t bloomed and wasn’t going to apparently.

After laboring to the top we found Spring Prairie had been sliced by what looked like a four lane logging road. We gazed at Diamond Peak as we ate lunch at Beal Prairie. Perfect weather & a pleasant walk with enough climb to be a challenge, to old legs at least. A most congenial crowd. A doe with spidery little twin fawns in the road and a pair of quail with their swarm of thumb sized chicks made the drive special. Those on trip: Joy & Liz Ballinger, Katie & Gene Barnes, Pat Carten, Dave Cohen, Dutchess Cox, Loren Ellickson, Ed & Faye & Lenore Glenn, Mabel & Lawrence Hawkins, Barbara Snow, Ted Stern, Grace Smith the leader.

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