Creswell-Jasper Loop

May 20, 1973

It was a perfect day for bicycling because it was not very hot and yet not really cold. Our party all met at Alton Baker Park and from there we took the bike trails into Springfield. 11 bicycles showed up all together and would have been 12 but one person didn’t show up. From Springfield we went down Jasper Rd. and stopped for a rest at Jasper Park. After our rest we crossed Hiway 58 onto Enterprise Rd. which hardly had a single car on it. There were some hills to climb but they were much fun to go down. At Creswell we stopped to have lunch at a Dairy Queen and those who didn’t bring a lunch ate inside it and the others ate their own lunches outside the Dairy Queen. From Creswell we went down old Hiway 99 through Goshen and into Springfield. At Springfield our party split up and those going back to Eugene went back down the bicycle trails to Alton Baker and those who lived in Springfield went home. The Wheeler-Dealers are as follows: Alice & Bobby Moffitt, Stan Keil, Rich Freeman, Stan Swetan, David Hatch, Suzanne Spitler Ned Baker, Heather & Joyce Briggs, Paula Moffitt was leader. Where was Cohen?

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