Mt. McLoughlin

September 16, 1973

Arrived at assembly area at 19th and Patterson, 10:45. Some kids soon arrived, two girls never showed up, we called their homes to learn they had changed their minds, then Keith Hatch also decided to go on another “climb”, we left Eugene with two young people and myself in my camper. Stopped at Cottage Grove to pick up Randy Zustiak. Left C. G. at 12:30 with four in the “Pack Rats Seat” two in back — two in front. Arrived at camp area 5 p.m. Set up tents and fixed something to eat. After supper got out a deck of cards and a box of matches and lit the gas lantern and we all played cards in the camper until nearly 10:30, then retired in tents, etc., to try to sleep. Left Marrianne in the camper with the alarm clock while the rest of us retired elsewhere. Alarm went haywire and didn’t go off, so we got a late start. Left for the mountain at 8:30 — hit a fast pace for a couple miles, then settled down to a hard climbing and a slower pace. First of party arrived on top at 1. Found ideal weather also an awful mess of trash from an overnight camp of four boys from Klamath Falls, plus the worst mess of filth written in the summit book I ever saw. Enjoyed the scenery and complimented Randy Zustiak on his qualifying for the Ten Peak award, which he did in one climbing year. Not bad, Randy. Carried summit book out as it was full. Carried a full bag of litter and cane also. Got back to camper at 5 p.m. After cold drinks and a snack decided to start the long trip home, arriving at 11 p.m., ready to call it a day. Climbing McLoughlin were Kevin McClintic, Marrianne Sandstrome, Randy Zustiak and the leader, Merle Traudt.

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