Mt. Washington

September 15-16, 1973

Camped at Big Lake Sat. night; up at 6 and off by 7:15. It was very windy all night so Lee and David Hatch decided not to join the trip, since they did not think they had adequate parkas. At about 8:15 we encountered two climbers coming back, saying the wind was too fierce to climb in, and there was a group of over 20 people five minutes ahead. At 6800 feet the wind suddenly died. At 11:30 we reached the saddle. We waited one hour for other climbers then proceeded. Spent 5 mins. on top and quickly descended, not wanting to wait for the group to rappel down. Special thanks to the group of LDS from Hillsboro for letting us ahead on the descent and use of their ropes rappeling. A very pleasant climb. On this climb were Loren Haucher, Phyllis Ford, Jerry Eagle, Bud Proctor, Debby Lacknan and Rich McManigal was the leader.

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