Three Fingered Jack

August 11, 1973

We camped at Booth Lake Friday night, got up at 3 a.m., left camp at 4 and started up the South Ridge. We went around the Crawl and since there were 16 of us, it took awhile but we were on top at 10 a.m.

The weather was warm and the skies were clear. We were off the Crawl by 2 and hurried to the lake to enjoy a good swim before heading back to the cars. I wish to thank the group for all their assistance, which helped to make it a very good climb. On climb were: David & Lynn & Tim Chase, Don & Jim England, Phyllis Ford, Lee & David Hatch, Clarence Landes, Tom Lockhard, Alan Payne, Jon Pelkey, Mike Smith, Merle Traudt, Randy Zustiak and leader, Don Payne.

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