Middle Sister

August 11-12, 1973

Our group of seven left at 1:15 in two cars and arrived at Frog Camp at 3:15. It looked as if everyone in the county, with his horse and dog, had got there before us. We started up the hot and dusty trail at 3:45 and met numerous parties coming out all of whom warned us of crowds ahead. To our relief we found only two parties of four each at Scott Camp, and about 20 total in the valley and at Sunshine Meadows. At dusk a Forest Service helicopter flew over to check for violations of the ban on open campfires (there were none). Sat. night and Sun. morning it was very windy. We arose at 5:30, taking the usual route across Collier Glacier to North Ridge.

All the snowfields were much smaller than usual and the field just above the ridge (where we often string a hand line) was gone entirely. There was no snow near the summit. It was calm and reasonably clear except in the direction of Eugene.

The first of the party arrived at the summit at 10:05. We had good glissading down the Renfrew Glacier and waded in Arrow Lake before returning to base camp at 5:00 and at Eugene at 7. Our group, all of whom made the summit were: Dick & Paul Converse, Mike Hahn, Chuck Kibby, Holly Mangers, Andy McClure, and Joel McClure, leader.

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