Mt. Jefferson

July 15, 1973

Nine people survied the toughest climb in Oregon and conquered Jefferson by the Jeff Park Glacier — West Ridge route in only 15½ hours. At the top of Jeff Park Glacier was a 50 foot vertical ice-fall that we scaled to an easy 65 degree snow slope. After that came the knife edge hog back ridge and then the traverse across the perpendicular rock wall along the West Ridge. All this made the main summit pinnacle and the snow traverse underneath it fairly easy. The sunset trek back across Whitewater Glacier was beautiful. Many more crevasses this year than last. My special thanks to my two strong assistants, David Moffitt and Steve McManigal, who led and belayed many hours. Those roped up at 9 a.m. and finally untied at 8 p.m. were: Tom McGee, Steve McManigal, Bobby Moffitt, David Moffitt, Dick Moffitt, Rose Marie Moffitt, Randy Zustiak, Wes Brooks, Jim Cagel and the leader was Richard L. Moffitt.

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