Obsidian Signup - System Down

The Obsidian Online System Is Down for
a Major System Upgrade
We are sorry for the inconvenience

Restart is now estimated to be Tues PM

In order to switch over to an updated online database system it will be necessary to shut down for a couple days (possibly more) to connect to the new system, bring the existing data forward and adjust for new security requirements.  We hope to be back up and running sometime Monday, October 15.  Hopefully, if you need to sign up for a trip, enter a trip report or something else of that nature, it can wait until after we are back online Monday.  If not, you may contact the following for help with:

Trip/activities related information - Dave Cooper -  541-868-5427 - dwcoop@yahoo.com

Technical issues - John Jacobsen - 541-914-1132 

To contact a trip leader, you can get contact info from our monthly events flyer