Camp Jacobsen III - July 28 - August 4, 2001

Photos by John Jacobsen

Some of the People We Shared Camp With

At Blue Lake
From Rt - Sharon Ritchie, Bob Dark, Pat Dark, John Jacobsen
Jan Jacobsen, Joan Morgan, Barbara Bruns, George Jeffcott
Norma Lockyear, Diane Jeffcott, Margaret Wiese

Pat Adams & Ethel Weltman


Madison and Brennen Hackett

Margaret Wiese and Catherine Jones


Bob and Pat Dark

Melinda Bennett and Jan True


Some of the McManigals
Kevin & Margaret, Steve in back
Kelly, Christine and Lulu in front

Allan Coons and Grandson Joshua Emmons


Effie Neth,  Anne Bonine, John Agnew

Beverly, Madelinn, & Steve Schriver


Ruth Sanders, Gene Thaxton, & Bea Fontana

Barbara Bruns


Bob Huntley

Steve and Ellen Johnson


Donovan Light and Alex Swanson

Marty McGee, Glenn Meares, and David Meares

Marilyn Kerins

Norm Benton and Ray Jensen