Belknap Crater Hike - August 11, 2001

Photos By John Jacobsen

Hikers to Belknap Crater
Back - Jane Hackett, Marilyn Kerins, Sue Sullivan, Janet Jacobsen, Iva Stavron, Pat Adams
Front - Andrew and Buzz Blumm, John Jacobsen - Leader, George Baitinger


Big Belknap Crater - our destination

Mt. Washington, Three Finger Jack and Mt. Jefferson

Pat Adams and George Baitinger on PCT

Buzz and Andrew Blumm on summit trail


Andrew Blumm at Little Belknap Crater

Janet Jacobsen and Iva Stavron emerging from lava tube
 near Little Belknap Crater

Almost at the summit of Belknap Crater

Sue Sullivan on the rocky PCT


Janet Jacobsen and Jane Hackett nearing the top

George Baitinger finding his way out of the lava tube

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