Summer Trips include any human-powered ventures into our outdoor environment. Our hikes can vary from easy afternoon urban walks to strenuous hikes and overnight backpacks. We hike the trails through deep forest or across lava beds, visit wilderness lakes, climb up rocky crags to high promontories, saunter along ocean beaches, camp near glacier-fed torrents, or stand in admiration of flower-filled mountain meadows. We enjoy bicycle rides ranging from leisurely trips along winding country roads to workouts like 50-mile-plus rides over mountain passes. For boaters, we offer kayak, canoe, and rafting trips on both calm and wild water. From the time of spring blooms to the breakout of fall colors, our aim is to offer a wide variety of opportunities to take an active part in experiencing the wonders around us.


Upcoming Summer Trips

Marys Pk(N Side)
Yachats to Walport

Rooster Rk
Amazon Hdwtrs/Spencer Bt
CarCmp Hart Mtn( Exploratory)
Kayak Coyote Cr
Skinner Bt, Art Walk
Pisgah Trs
Mt Pisgah Full Moon
Alder Dune to Pacific Oce
Bike Scio Covered Bridges
River Walk(both sides)
Heceta Hd Geology
Wild Iris Ridge (Dog Frie
Horse Rk Geology
Tahkenitch Cr Exploratory
Whole McKenzie River Tr
Iron Mtn
Elijah Bristow State Prk

Silver Fls State Prk
Erma Bell Lks
Crescent Mtn
Bike 12 Bridges
Amazon Hdwtrs/Spencer Bt
Pisgah Sunset/Full Moon
Wassen Cr/Dark Grove
Kayak Fish Lk
Mt June via Lost Cr
Mary's Pk E Ridge
Erma Bell And Otter Lks
Mt Pisgah Summer Solstice
Marion Mtn
Gordon Meadows To Gordon
Macduff Mtn

McKenzie River Tr(Entire)
Amazon Hdwtrs/Spencer Bt
Middle Pyramid
Cone Pk to Echo Mt, N Pk
Olallie Mtn
Yapoah Crater Geology
Three Fingered Jack Geolo
Vivian Lk
Florence Barefoot Beach H
Bike Camas Country Schoolhouse
Canyon Cr Meadows

Difficult Hike—Marys Peak(North Side)—Saturday, April 29, 2017
Leader: Mike Smith

This is the long way up Marys Peak. We will drive to the north side on a 7 mile dirt road from US20. Once on the trail, we climb about 2000 feet in 4 miles to the meadow and go from there to the summit. We will descend via the East Ridge trail and take the unused road around the mountain back to the cars. It is a loop hike. It's not a Hardesty in terms of difficulty, but it is 12 miles and it climbs. We plan to eat on top unless the weather is not conducive. It is a moderately brisk paced hike. I want to keep moving, because we won't get on the trail early, and it is 12 miles.

Moderate Hike—Yachats to Walport—Sunday, April 30, 2017
Leader: Janet Jacobsen

We will stop at Smelt Sands State Park just north of the Adobe Motel to regroup for the car shuttle to Patterson State Park. I estimate that we would start hiking around 10:15.

We will eat lunch at Tillicum Beach State Park around 11:30. Depending on weather, we should be at Patterson State Park around 1:30 or 2:00. Bathrooms at all of the parks.

Low tide is at 10:59 am (-1.06) and high tide is at 5:25 pm. There are more than several stream crossings. I recommend tennis shoes/wool socks that you don’t mind getting wet. Don’t wear rubber boots that could give you blisters.

Please indicate if you can drive. I'd like to have four passengers in each car going to the coast - 12 people. . Rachelle is will meet us at Florence and help with car shuttle so that means there can be 13 can participate.

Difficult Hike—Rooster Rock—Tuesday, May 2, 2017
Leader: Janet Jacobsen

Departure Place: Springfield, Winco Parking lot, I-105/Mohawk. Across street from Starbucks in the Winco Parking Lot. 1920 Olympic Street, Springfield. This gives us easy access to get on I-105, take Mohawk exit to Marcola, Mohawk Valley and to Sweet home. Rooster Rock i s21 miles east of Sweet Home and in the Menagerie Wilderness. This steady uphill hike would be like hiking Mt. Pisgah twice with one or two stops. From the junction with the old trail, it climbs 750' in the last half mile. From the top, there is a view east looking down on US 20. It's a nice lunch spot, and Rooster Rock, where the lookout once stood, is interesting. I will probably reschedule if heavy rain is predicted.

Moderate Hike—Amazon Hdwtrs/Spencer Butte—Wednesday, May 3, 2017
Leader: Lana Lindstrom

This is our weekly aerobic hike starting at Martin Street Trailhead to Fox Hollow, and then to the summit of Spencer Butte. It is a steady pace with no stops. We start promptly at 8:15 so come a few minutes early to check in. Appropriate clothing for the weather; some of the trail may be muddy.

To get to the trailhead: Take West Amazon to Martin Street. Turn left. Drive past Kinney Park and park on Martin Street at the Kiosk sign board across from Canyon Drive Street sign with hiker symbol. Please call the leader if any questions. One can take LTD Bus #28 to Martin Street.

Moderate CarCmp—Hart Mountain( Exploratory) —Friday–Monday, May 5–8, 2017
Leader: Jane Hackett

Hart Mt Wildlife Refuge is located in southeastern Oregon it is an area I have spent a lot of time in. This time of year it offers good hiking, birding and the return of the migrating antelope from their winter range at Shelton Wildlife Refuge in Nevada. Warm Springs camp ground is nestled in a shallow valley dotted with Aspen on the east side of the escarpment. It has both a warm spring and a hot spring for use within the camp ground. Hiking will include De Garmo Canyon, located on the west side of the escarpment. We will be hiking directly from camp to Willow Creek drainage looking for a path to the top of the escarpment looping back to the camp ground. We will also include a trip out to Blue Sky Hotel, "not a hotel", located on the refuge this is a remnant of Ponderosa Pine forest that should not be there. Petroglyphs can be seen at Petroglyph Lake and Antelope Springs, both a short drive with a short hike. If time allows there are 2 other canyons that we might explore. A pretrip meeting will be held prior to leaving to discuss, route, look at maps of the area answere any other questions. This should be a bugless time of year.

Easy Kayak—Coyote Creek—Saturday, May 6, 2017
Leader: Lana Lindstrom

We'll meet in the Lowe's parking lot on W. 11th underneath the big trees and possibly consolidate boats. We will use the Cantrell Road boat ramp to launch into Coyote Creek. We'll paddle up Coyote Creek as far as we can go, and then turn around and paddle into Fern Ridge Lake, perhaps landing on Gibson Island. In addition to enjoying the water, we will be looking for birds, turtles, raccoons, etc. Be sure to bring your binoculars. We should be off the water by 12:30ish. Note: unless we land on the island, there is no opportunity for a pit stop; you may want to limit your liquid intake accordingly.

Easy Hike—Skinner Butte and Art Walk—Saturday, May 6, 2017
Leader: Joella Ewing

We'll meet at the western most end of the parking lot near Campbell Center and hike up Skinner's Butte. We'll have lunch in the food court at 5th Street Public Market, then stroll around town to view the art venues featured during the 1st Friday Art Walk the evening before, plus some interesting permanent installations along the way. We should be finished by about 3 p.m.

Easy Hike—Pisgah Trails—Sunday, May 7, 2017
Leader: Janet Jacobsen

Meet at yellow Pay Station, at West Trailhead, main parking lot. The early departure is to avoid closed streets due to the Eugene Marathon. Walk along river/road to north trailhead to take 3 - 4 - 46 – 2 (steep) to summit. I believe that trail 2 climbs 631 ft. in 1.1 miles. On the way down, the plan is to take trails 1-4-3, 7, 17. Option to go back around Swing Hill. The trip should take 3 ½ hours at a steady pace.

On Sunday, closures include the UO area from Agate Street to Hilyard Street between 24th Avenue and Franklin Boulevard (all day); East Amazon and West Amazon (7 a.m. to 9 a.m.); Franklin Boulevard from Agate Street to Walnut Street (all day); Springfield areas that include D Street, Pioneer Parkway and eastbound Centennial Boulevard (8 a.m. to noon); and Copping Street (8:45 a.m. to 12:45 p.m.).

Moderate Hike—Amazon Hdwtrs/Spencer Butte—Wednesday, May 10, 2017
Leader: Brad Bennett

This is our weekly aerobic hike starting at Martin Street Trailhead to Fox Hollow, and to the summit of Spencer Butte. It is a steady pace. We start promptly at 9:00 so come a few minutes early to check in. Appropriate clothing for the weather. Currently, parts of trail are muddy.

To get to the trailhead: Take West Amazon to Martin Street. Turn left. Drive past Kinney Park and park on Martin Street at the Kiosk sign board across from Canyon Drive Street sign with hiker symbol. Please call the leader if any questions. One can take LTD Bus #28 to Martin Street.

Moderate Hike—Mt Pisgah Full Moon—Wednesday, May 10, 2017
Leader: Emily Rice

We'll meet in the main parking at 6:45. Moonrise is at 8:19, sunset is at 8:26. We'll hike trails 17 to 7 to 3 to 4 to 1 going up. May take a shorter route coming down.

Easy Hike—Alder Dune to Pacific Ocean—Sunday, May 14, 2017
Leader: Darko Sojak

Slow and easy. Sand dunes and blooming rhododendron forest trails journey just few miles north of Florence, OR.

For day use area parking please bring NW Forest Pass, OR Coast Pass, National Forest Pass or Golden age pass.

Moderate Bike—Scio Covered Bridges—Sunday, May 14, 2017
Leader: Richard Hughes

Leave Eugene by 8:00AM driving to 38765 N Main St., Scio. We'll start riding at 9:30am, Obsidian time. The route is 30 miles with a few rollers. Make sure that your bike is in working order, tires inflated, chain lubed and you have a spare tube and air pump. We will take a lunch break upon reaching Larwood Bridge, so bring your lunch, snacks and water. Also I may add an optional route of 50 miles with 1200' of gain if there is sufficient interest. In case the weather forecast does not look promising, I will change the date of the ride and let you know.

Difficult Hike—River Walk(both sides)—Monday, May 15, 2017
Leader: Mike Smith

Valley River Parking Lot By Bike Bridge. We will walk at a brisk pace downstream, cross the Owosso Bridge, then walk all the way to Springfield. After turning in Springfield, we will walk back to Valley River. If you are doing the McKenzie River Trail, this would be recommended to get you used to fast distance hiking. Wear the pack and clothes you would be wearing on that hike. We will break for 5 minutes on the clock every hour to eat, drink, just the way we will a week later on the trail.

Moderate Hike—Amazon Headwaters/Spencer Butte—Wednesday, May 17, 2017
Leader: Tom Rundle

Moderate Hike—Heceta Head Geology—Thursday, May 18, 2017
Leader: Tom Rundle

Trip Description: From Washburne Park we will walk south on the beach to the Hobbit Trail, nd from there up over Heceta Head to the lighthouse for lunch. Some may want to take the lighthouse tour and explore this famous historic landmark. After lunch we will hike back over Heceta Head and take the Valley River Trail past Beaver Lake to Washburne Park. We will walk at a moderate pace stopping several times for water and snacks. We will need one vehicle for each four hikers to make this happen.

Easy —Wild Iris Ridge (Dog Friendly Hike)—Thursday, May 18, 2017
Leader: Chris Stockdale

This is our inaugural dog-friendly hike. It's relatively easy, mostly on gravel paths and old logging roads. Non-dog people are welcome to join us. We will limit the trip to 6 dogs but no limit on people (it's in a Eugene park). I am not listing a meeting place as I want to talk to dog owners by phone beforehand. Please call me at 541-221-2293 to tell me about your dog. Non-dog owners should call too to get the trip meeting place.

IMPORTANT: Dog owners -- when you sign up, in the place where you are asked how many passengers you can take, please insert the number of dogs you will be bringing. You may not bring more than two.

Please read the Guidelines that were published in the January Bulletin and note that dogs have to be on leashes at all times, regardless of trail regulations.

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Trip difficulty ratings:
Hint: A hike up Mt Pisgah by the main route would be considered an E (Easy) trip: 3 miles 1000 ft elevation gain.

  Hikes Bike Trips
Dist (Mi) Elev (Ft) Dist (Mi) Elev (Ft)

E (Easy)

≤ 5 ≤ 1000 ≤ 20 ≤ 1000

M (Moderate)

> 5 > 1000 > 20 > 1000
< 10 < 2500 < 40 < 2500

D (Difficult) 

≥ 10 ≥ 2500 ≥ 40 ≥ 2500


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