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by Ray Sims No. 111
Camp Mark mcLaughlin was in 1968 and a more beautiful area in the Goat Rocks was not to be found.

One day I hiked up to the Pacific Crest Trail and as it goes thru this area it is at the highest part of the trail ( as Bert Ewing noted) and up at this high spot is "Memorial Stone Cabin" for Dana May Yelverton, who lost her life here on August 4, 1962.

Camping in the cabin that day were two boys from Boston, and they lamented that they had to go back home in 2 more days, as being "city boys" they thot this was tops in beauty. Flowers were at their best and more plentiful as this area lives up to the records of Mt. Rainier. A 200 foot falls flowed from Goat Lake.

During this second week a visit from Bill Martyn and his troop of Boy Scouts, and, of course, they came to dinner and Gwen's famous lemon meringue pies, and to all the Scouts and Bill too, a quarter of a pie apiece, and I am sure they won't forget the Obsidians.


We gathered at the South High parking lot at 11 a.m. Sat, and after the normal amount of confusion, left for the mountains. We arrived at Santiam Summit about 1:30 and started up the Skyline Trail, dodging hunters and fighting a stiff, cold east wind. We hiked about 3 miles in and camped just over the crest of the ridge above Martin and Summit Lakes. The cold east wind continued all night and was up to 25 mph when we got up at 5 Sun We climbed the South Ridge narrowly reaching the crawl ahead of a larger party of Mazamas. The climb from the Crawl to the pinnacle was once again very windy & cold, but all managed to make it successfully. Making it were: Dick Converse, Keith Hatch, Mark Reed, Rich Temple and


During the course of our trip we met 2 U.S. Forest employees who told us the Edieleo Lakes (upper & lower)were named after the 2 first names of two old trappers who formerly visited the area frequently. We chose the middle of Sept. for this trip to avoid the hoards of mosquitoes usually present in the Waldo Lake area, so we had none. We did see many swamps and pot-holes along the trl. to know that there were many at Waldo Lk during most of the season. The trail was very easy, being mostly level, the members of the party were very interesting, so the miles went by very quickly. Fall is an excellent time to schedule a trip in this area. Members of the trip were: Gloria Hanon, Dorothy Hayes, Beth Flynn, Parker Riddle, Tess Smith, Ted Stern, Eunice Vanderpool, Paula Vahrs and the leaders, John & Lenore McManigal.


Camped at Big Lake Sat. night; up at 6 and off by 7:15. It was very windy all night so Lee & David Hatch decided not to join the trip, since they did not think they had adequate parkas. At about 8:15 we encountered 2 climbers coming back, saying the wind was too fierce to climb in, and there was a group of over 20 people 5 minutes ahead. At 6800 feet the wind suddenly died.At 11:30 we reached the saddle, We waited 1 hour for other climbers then proceeded. Spent 5 mins. on top and quickly descended,not wanting to wait for the group to rappel down. Special thanks to the group of LDS from Hillsboro for letting us ahead on the descent and use of their ropes reppeling. A very pleasant climb. On this climb were Loren Haucher, Phyllis Ford, Jerry Eagle, Bud Proctor, Debby Lacknan and Rich McManigal was the leader.

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