April 4: Dingboche to Chukung

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We moved from Dingboche up to the little town of Chukung on our way to Island Peak base camp.  It’s a stretch to call Chukung a town, really, since it consists of about six lodges and a couple of yak pastures. It’s at about 15,500 feet. From Chukung, Ama Dablam dominated the view to the south.

Ama Dablam looks beautiful and difficult to climb from every angle. As John says — “It’s harder than it looks, and it looks impossible.”

The other notable thing about Chukung was the outhouse just outside our camp area. The typical Nepal outhouse has a hole in the floor that you crouch over. There is no seat involved. This particular one was full to capacity, and some creative individual had piled up rocks around the hole in the floor in order to make it possible to continue to use it. Luckily there was another loo a bit of a walk away — and it was well worth the extra walk. John took a series of shots of outhouses of various qualities, but I think I’ll skip the picture of this particularly disgusting one. You get the idea, anyway.

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