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The sendoff

We have just returned from our Nepal trip — and are mostly done with unpacking and laundry, and are more or less back on our normal time zone (except that now I have to work night shift the rest of this week, so I am trying to switch back).

Years ago, when my stepson Bill Frederick was in high school, he remarked that he and I have an entirely different concept of what a vacation should be like. “My idea of a vacation,” he said, “is to sit by a pool with a good book and a glass of iced tea. Your idea of a vacation is something you have to train for!!”

So in keeping with my reputation and tradition, John and I joined up with fourteen of our friends to travel to Nepal, trek into the mountains and try to climb a 20,400 ft peak in the Everest region of the Himalayas. Five of the group also got a climbing permit for Pumori, which is more technical and over 23,000 ft.

Of course the story starts with a lot of preparation — getting together the gear it takes to trek and climb, food prep for climbing food for both climbs, visas, hiring an outfitter to get our gear there, and orchestrating time off work for such an endeavor.

Just before we left, our Mountain Rescue tribe threw a going-away party. During the party the hair clippers came out and most of the men in our group got haircuts to prepare for the long stretch in the mountains (John chose to forego this saying that he wanted to keep what hair he has left for insulation value). It was a good sendoff. Watching the progress of people’s hair growing out during the course of the trip provided added entertainment to the journey.

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